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Instructional Design

Bring lessons to life. 

Imagine your best classroom: dynamic, interactive and multimodal.

Imagine all learners engaged in sincere inquiry and discussion.

Imagine instructional units interwoven with meaningful questions, activities and assessments. 

Imagine your school as a space where learning and difference is celebrated. 

I can help you identify areas of need and work collaboratively towards solutions.

Copying Down

EdTech and Education Vendor Consulting

Explore the possibilities.

Do you have an educational technology project you are exploring? 

Are you an educational vendor who needs help with curriculum compliance?

I can share my expertise from 12 years of classroom teaching and curriculum development. 

Let's consider user friendly design approaches for students, teachers, families, administrators and districts.  

Let's focus on best educational practices and compliance with learning standards.

Let's brainstorm, troubleshoot and test your ideas.

Green Typewriter

Editorial Consulting

Find your voice.

Do you need help generating content for your product or service?

Are you struggling to find the words to capture a concept or pitch? 

I can help you find focus and clarity.

Let's discuss your ideas and put them into words. 

I can help you develop editorial content for your product, application or campaign.  

I am also available for research, reporting, technical writing, ghost writing and grant writing.   


Special Projects

Let's do this!

Let's dive into creative challenges. 

Whether it's the big picture or the small details, let's identify your goals and strategize how to move forward. 

We will work step-by-step to tackle obstacles and design innovative solutions. 

I am available for project management, professional development, UX research, public speaking, exhibit and event planning, tours, fundraising and more.  

Please reach out and we can discuss how to make your vision a reality.

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